TWSS (That's What She Said)
Developer: Mike240se
Latest Version: (OS)
Genre(s): Entertainment
Blackberry Model(s): Storm
Price/Donation: Free

TWSS (That's What She Said) quotes Michael Scott's famous joke from The Office.

No longer will you feel the need for Michael Scott and not be able to invoke him. You can now be “that guy”, “worlds greatest boss”, and the funniest guy at work! This app is even more likely to make you possibly slightly better at improv!

Its finally here. The number of “I must have it now….” , “That's What She Said” on the forum thread is incredible. I never anticipated so much demand for this app. BUT, because of the excitement I wanted to add some goodies to the app before i released it. So in addition to having over 20 sound clips, all from your favorite show, the office. The app also has 6 wallpapers, and works in both portrait and landscape mode. This app took many hours to complete, many were spent re-sizing mp3’s and wallpapers to keep the app from getting huge. This app is FREE, like all my apps, so I ask you to please donate. I am self employed, so all the time I take doing apps is time away from making money at work. I need your donations to continue. Thank you.


  • Over 20 office sound clips, organized into 2 different sets.
  • 6 wallpapers
  • Works in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • Made for the Blackberry Storm Only

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