Latest Version: (OS)
Genre(s): Utility
Blackberry Model(s): Storm
Price/Donation: Free

ReQall is voice-to-text recorder, task manager, reminder service and memory aid all in one.

Use voice or text to tell reQall what you want to remember—then get a reminder via email or text message at just the right moment.
Intuitively organizes your reminders by when they have to be done, who has to do them and what kind of reminder they are (To-Dos, Notes or Shopping List items).
Integrates with the email, calendar, address book, memo pad and task list in your BlackBerry so you can automatically create To-Dos and Notes from these sources.
Elegant and simple interface works seamlessly with the BlackBerry trackball and keyboard, making it easy to stay organized.
Fast, accurate voice-to-text transcription.
Understands dates and times, as well as keywords like “buy,” “ask” and “note,” so it can automatically organize your items for you.
Allows you to share reminders with others so you can keep your family or work group on track.
Works anywhere your BlackBerry smartphone has a data connection—worldwide—and enables you to capture items by voice without incurring international phone charges.
Offline capability—capture ideas, add to To-Do lists and create shared reminders while offline. reQall syncs them the next time you connect online.

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