Latest Version: (OS)
Genre(s): Utility
Blackberry Model(s): Storm
Price/Donation: Free

Poynt is a local businesses, retailers and movie theaters search service

  • Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone includes such rich features as: Cellsite locates - Cellsite locates allow Poynt to quickly access a user's general location while awaiting a GPS lock.
  • GPS - the GPS functionality has been optimized to provide faster accurate locates. Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone also provides GPS access to users on the Verizon network.
  • Enhanced User Interface - Poynt's UI was developed specifically for the BlackBerry Storm to provide users with a true touch-screen experience.
  • Mapping Integration - Poynt is fully integrated with both BlackBerry® Maps and Google Maps, with turn-by-turn directions provided through Google Maps.
  • Address Book Integration - Users can add frequently accessed listings to their BlackBerry® Address Book, providing convenience for future lookups.
  • Share Search Results - Integration with BlackBerry® Email allows users to easily share listings with friends and colleagues.
  • Movie Module - Users can plan their night at the movies by seeing what is playing near them, watching trailers, viewing showtimes, reading reviews, cast and synopsis, and purchasing tickets.
  • Theater Details - Users can get information on seating layouts, wheelchair accessibility and number of screens.
  • Add to Calendar Option - Users have the ability to add movie search results to their BlackBerry® Calendar by date and showtime, as well as invite friends to join them. Ticket purchase links are also included.

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