Latest Version: 4.3+ (OS)
Genre(s): Utility
Blackberry Model(s): Storm
Price/Donation: n/a

BBFileScout browses the file system of your BB - copy, move, rename, (un)zip or delete files and directories.

Core Features

  • BBFileScout allows you to browse the file system of your BB (including hidden files)
  • Create directories, copy, move, rename or delete files
  • Zipping files or complete directory structures
  • Extracting Zip archives (incl. structures)
  • Furthermore BBFileScout supports copying and deleting of complete directory structures
  • You can open all (by your BlackBerry® supported) media files
  • Register additional file types with other (3'rd party) applications (if supported)
  • BBFileScout allows you to open files (like ini, xml, etc.) as plain text, so you are able to edit, mark, copy & paste text fragments of these files that normally can't be opened with your BlackBerry®. This can become very valuable when you receive eMail attachments that are not native supported by your BlackBerry®
  • With BBFileScout you can delete pre installed wallpapers, videos and ringtones in order to free memory on your device*** - but please note, that once they are deleted the only way to get them back is to hard reset your device!
  • Display Thumbnails for supported image files (if enabled in the options)
  • Search for files and directories on your BlackBerry® Device
  • Send any file as eMail attachment to your BB contacts
  • Send any file via Bluetooth to another Device that support OBEX
  • Easy & smart creation of Playlists (across multiple folders)
  • Define a favorite directory list (as shortcuts)
  • More to come? - is there really something you miss? - if so let me know!

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